Swift (?) Willy 

A brief history

'65 to '69 Sportscar racing: FV;  '70 to '87 raced Karts and motorcycles (mostly enduro bikes);  '87 to present: Sportscars . .F500, CF, FC, and now DSR and Vintage FF.



'65 Bobsy Vanguard; wish I weighed 140# these days. Raced at Marlboro, MD every month; even in January.  Light blue colored "Dunlop" racing coveralls, Bell "Shorty" helmet with leather ear flaps, and goggles.  How "cool" is that?

A page of my FKE karting in 1973 HERE

SpeedTV interview in 2003 . . . see video clip HERE.



One of the many reasons I hated the F500 . . . incident at Summit Point Chute in the rain     



Sean and I on the grid at the 2001 Runoffs at Mid-Ohio   

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Present Occupation: "Day Prison Fugitive" (aka retired)