Swift (?) Willy 

My other race cars over the years





'85 Zink F440 bought in 1986.  Raced it less than 2 years.  It was a handful, dancing around on the straights like a bug on a pond.  Sean took it to drivers school in 1988. Following a minimalist approach, I towed the car behind my Toyota MR2 on a converted motorcycle trailer.

Bought the circa '78 Zink 10B in 1988 from a Mike McCord in Tennessee.  I quickly added a paint job and Sean and I took to Summit Point for a practice day and race in July.  We ran every session and I raced it in CF and Sean in FF.  We must have put 4 hours on it with missing a beat. I sold this car to Eric Cruz who owned and raced it for years, eventually selling to the Karl Barbru (Thor's kid) who is still racing it in CF.

Sean bought this circa '80 Zink 10C from a guy in Richmond.  I bought from him and raced it in 1990 for a while. Good car. For a while we used a homebuilt double deck open trailer to haul the Zinks.

Wanting to go faster, I bought this '86 Reynard FC from Eric Lee in Maryland in 1991. Car was in "ratty" condition when I got it, but cleaned up pretty good. (I was getting into some artsy paints jobs.) By this time, a "new" tow vehicle, a '80 Buick station wagon was in use.  "Mondo Wagon," as it was called, was suffering the ravages of age.

In the Winter of '93, Sean and I drove to Syracuse NY, to pickup the '89 Swift SE3.  I wanted a more competitive car, and this one was only a little obsolete.  Bought it from Canadian Greg Pootsman who had raced it in the F2000 pro series.  There was several feet of snow on the ground in Syracuse!  My paint job was of the "parrot" theme.  Everybody hated it.

In a couple of years, I repainted it to a more conservative scheme.  Had my first enclosed trailer in 1993 and a new tow vehicle.  (So much for the minimalists approach.). Sold the car in 1996 and ordered the new Cheetah DSR.

For 2009, I replaced my kid sized 50cc ATV pit vehicle with a Utility Vehicle.  It is kid size too, but can seat two (my goal) and has a lot more HP.  Had to raise the seat and steering wheel 4 inches to make it comfortable for adults.  Other mods included not installing the roll cage (flimsy) and pimping it up some.  Note the appropriate Mack hood ornament.

About 1990, gathering of our racing group at Summit Point.  Mark's Van Diemen FF, Eric's Zink CF, Dan's Van Diemen CF, my Reynard FC and (barely visable) Sean's Zink CF.  Is that skinny kid in the green shorts Sean?  Thor had not yet joined of band of racers.