60's ranch with Mid Century touch 

It was purchased from the heirs of the original owners and builder.  It was built in 1965 and survived without any apparent renovations. It was situated on a wooded 1.3 acre lake front parcel.  At first I hated the facade as it reminded me of an old Howard Johnson resturant.  We hired an architect to recommend a plan for revitalizing the place, but would eventually decide to go with out own designs.  The facade would grow on me.

Before and after:

Square footage grew to a modest 2250.



Entry Foyer.  LR at left thru double doors and the den is at end of  entry way.  Contractor mistakenly took up all the flagstone and had to replace at his cost.  Our change was to take down the wall between the LR and Den, remove that quaint white brick planter in the LR, remove most of the wall to the left to the LR and to raise the ceiling in the foyer (as suggested by the architect and the only idea we adopted) to take light from the window over the front door.  (Those windows were ornamental and could only be seen in the attic crawl space.).  The double doors were reused for the new closet in the Office (formerly the Dining Room).  New entry doors  and sidelight was added.


Living Room.  White brick planter and the wall to the left was removed. The room was sparcely furnished (staged) for the real estate photos.   The living room now is "open" and the new couch has puppy proofing, but we are hoping he will grow out of chewing soon.

Den: had ash paneling and a large fireplace taking up a big part of the lake view.  The bookcases on the end wall were saved and used in the Office. Wall behind the bookcases which was shared with the old kitchen/breakfast nook was removed.  Paneling came down, skylights added as well as a 6 foot horizontal gas fireplace on the wall facing the kitchen/dining area.  The new sliding doors are 14 feet wide and open on to a new deck.  Twin skylights add height and light to the room.


Dining room became the Office.  A closet was added and the double doors from the old living room entry was used. The light fixture was relocated to the new dining space.  Bookcase from the old den was reused in this space.



The kitchen and laundry room had carpeting and YES after 50 years it was SCUZZY.  The cabinets were tired but most were salvaged to live on in my new garage.  The funky pull down light fixture in the breakfast noon got saved to go into Kathy’s PIN ROOM.  The new cabinets are from the fine craftsmen at Robert Furr Cabinets.  The large island has a recycled glass top, lots of well organized storage, a prep sink and a Gaggano baking oven.

If you could duck down a bit to see under the upper cabinets, a nice view of the lake was possible.  The back wall got bumped out 4 feet and the lake view from the kitchen sink is now terrific. 

The "china cabinet" from the breakfast nook got  removed (in order to install the hardwood flooring) and saved and then reinstalled in its orginal location.

Master Bedroom

Wall to the right faces the lake and what would have been a spectacular view  if there had been windows. The  closet to the left is way too small for  Kathy.  SO! the room was expanded 9.5 feet to the right.  Kathy’s closet on the left side grew 6 feet in depth.   Four large windows were added to open up a lake view and clerestory windows were added over the bed.  Access to the master bath was opened up and a recycled pocket door used.

KB's  new  closet

Master Bath   Despite the illusion of a wide angle camera lens,  the original master was merely 5 and ½ feet wide. 

The new master got expanded out 6 feet and now features:

·         Doorless glass shower
·         Heated floors including the shower and its seat
·         Heated towel warmer
·         Instant hot water
·         Rain shower head and spray
·         Separate spray for dog washing or leg shaving
·         Lake view windows
           A linen closet
·         And NO silver foil wallpaper!

 Hall Bath

We liked the “throw back” and unique hall bath (and the Swans!), so we didn’t change it much.  The old fashion (but expertly installed) wallpaper was removed and the light fixture on the left side replaced and a piece of neon art added.  The cabinets on both sides were repainted. Kathy and Bill both chose a color for “their side.”  You decide which one you like better.  A pocket door between both sides offers a unusual functionality.  The old sinks and faucets need to be replaced/refurbished and the tile countertops will likely be a causalty.  (there are always more tasks to be done)



The house garage got new (and needed) doors and openers.  The doors are aluminum with glass.  What is needed now is a nice piece of  kinetic art (old car) to display.  Both  garages got dumb waiter like lifts (VersaLifts) to carry things to their second floors.

xThe new garage has dry wall, 220 volt service,electric car hoist, the old kitchen cabinets, insulation, ample lighting, cable TV, and (drum roll please) HEAT AND A/C.  It is the home to my race toys and tools.  The county would not let us put water service to it.