Wife Kathy Barnstorff . . . a public relations person for NASA Langley for the past few years.  Prior to that she was a TV reporter/anchor.

Son (racer) Sean and daughter Morgan (not a car but a nurse). Each with a daughter, Samantha and Molly.  Morgan provided the first grandson in November 2004: McEwan ("Mac")

Plus  faithful cocker spaniel companions: Scarlet and Emma.  Scarlet left us in April 2007.  Cooper just joined us.


Kathy and me at the Brands Hatch FF Festival

Scarlet and Emma

Molly at 2 years (Aug 02)

                                      Sammy and Molly

                  Mac, McGrumpy, and Molly....

          Cooper takes his place in the Family

Sean and Sammy . . .G'kid #1

Morgan's Molly . . .G'kid #2



Sammy goes to VIR, '05

Sammy and Coco




Lots of girls!